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Updated: Aug 14

The pandemic had driven many of us to digitalise, but now that the normal is coming back, it is time to calm down and ask this question.

Is my software working for ME? Or am I working for the software?

Ask yourself, is the software saving you any time? Is it helping you make better business decisions? Is it making your operations smoother? Is your workforce becoming more productive?

Unfortunately, most softwares on the commercial market right now are dated, isolated and inefficient.


Why is Simpple the answer?

At Simpple, we address the need to resolve problems inherent to the ES industry by being a unified solution to maximise productivity, upskill workers and analyse data for predictive maintenance.

Forget about using a million and one apps and platforms. Simpple Cockpit aims to give management the ability to monitor their facilities from a single dashboard. FM officers will be able to view the health status of their sites from a single colour coded dash for maximum efficiency and convenience.

If Simpple Cockpit’s indicators are green, managers can be assured that their site is running as it should. When indicators are red, managers may click on the respective components to see the issue in detail in order to best rectify the problem.

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Updated: Aug 14

The Green Mark certification scheme was launched in January 2005. It is a green building rating system designed to evaluate a building’s environmental impact and performance. It provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings to promote sustainable design,and best practices inconstruction and operations in buildings.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a measurement of the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ is determined by the level of carbon monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), mould and bacteria – factors that are naked to the eye, yet induces severe side effects to our body. Air quality affects the health, comfort and well-being of building occupants and it is crucial that building owners take care to maintain the levels. To attain the best value (maximum IAQ at the lowest cost), we have identified 3 commercial products for comparison. From the comparison, we have concluded that AirWits IAQ will fulfil the requirements at the lowest price.

Read on to find out more.

IAQ sensors comparison chart by SIMPPLE

Only uHoo Aura and AirWits IAQ will be able to fulfil all the criterion outlined by Green Mark:

· Constantly monitor the quality of the indoor environment on a daily routine

· Monitor and log temperature and relative humidity of the office

· Monitor and log TVOC levels of the office

· Display the readings of the temperature, relative humidity and TVOC of the office on a screen*

*uHoo SAM does not have a screen and will be unable to display the readings on the machine

While uHoo Aura is capable of tracking more parameters, it may be suited on a larger scale commercial setting due to its larger price tag. AirWits IAQ fulfils all the requirements to attain a Green Mark, and will be ample for an office. When complemented by other measures such as air sanitisers and frequent cleaning, the office will be able to ensure a high IAQ.

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Updated: Aug 14

With the advancement in IoT connectivity and sensor technology, IFSC is developing Simpple.AI, a “brain” with artificial intelligence capabilities that manages the Simpple Ecosystem. Simpple.AI centres around a pre-set level of standards. When the quality of the site falls below the standard, the system will automatically detect and decide who best to delegate the task to (be it robots or humans) and automatically send out the work order, all while keeping track of performance and completion of both robots and humans. This allows for dynamic self-assessment of quality standards within the building.

By leveraging on deep learning methodologies to analyse a building and trends, we can allocate the RIGHT resource to the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. At the same time, the building is also dynamically monitored for environment audit scores against quality indicators instead of relying on subjective assessment by site managers, increasing not only productivity but more importantly, quality.

Simpple.AI's Core Technology

Simpple.AI’s is able to determine if the site is “dirty” through identifying objects which are beyond the normal quality standard.

Through the constant monitoring of a site through a quality standard using a static camera as well as cameras mounted on roving robots, Simpple.AI is able to identify irregularities, categorise the issue and decide independently to resolve the issue.

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