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4 Considerations When Choosing A Facilities Management Solution

Updated: Jan 31

The world is now on the cusp of a technological revolution with connected devices and the Internet of Things. IoT technologies and AI are new but provide many opportunities for the construction and real estate industry to improve user experience and streamline processes.

Whether you are transforming an existing building into a smart one, or building a smart building, there are plenty to consider. In this article, we highlight 4 important areas of consideration when choosing a smart solution to improve your building’s performance.

Worker planning out blueprints of a facility

1. Address Your Building Or Facility’s needs

Before looking into what solutions are available, there are multiple factors to consider. An important first step is to identify the goals of your facilities management (Smart Building), and if you’re working on a building with existing processes, access and review the processes.

An audit should give you a clearer picture of the current state and also help you rank important considerations according to your goals. Once you’ve identified your needs and priorities, the solution you decide upon should prioritise addressing them. Start by identifying the following:

  1. What are your goals and how can processes be implemented or upgraded to meet those goals better?

  2. What are the needs of your building?

  3. And if you’re working on a building with existing processes, what are currently working well, and what are clearly not working?

2. Holistic System Connectivity

Most IoT systems link multiple sensors via radio waves which helps with transmitting data. It is important to ensure that the network used by your chosen IoT system can support your devices as it has a great impact on reliability and performance.

Do ask your IoT partner about the networks they offer, how it works with your devices, and how they measure and guarantee success.

3. Advanced Analytics

Most solutions do provide IoT sensors and plenty of data. However, what you should get out of it is valuable data analytics that indicate performance trends, utility usage, and more. A solution that can generate analysis and reports through AI, and provide actionable insights, will save you plenty of time and effort, and allow you to focus on making actionable change.

4. Time and Cost savings

Implementing smart facilities management solutions such as occupancy sensors that record utilisation information is the first step to obtaining and analysing this data. Once you have this information, you can identify where improvements can be made either through integration with other smart technologies and building systems that enable automation or by facilitating strategic decisions to be made.


Optimize your facilities management processes now!

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