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A Breakthrough in Security of Buildings

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Under the National Environment Agency Incubate Programme, we developed a security module that seamlessly integrates Gaussian Robotics's ECOBOT machines and our security intelligence sensors at Heartbeat@Bedok to transform the building into the smart building of tomorrow.

More than just a simple cleaning robot, the newly-improved Security Bot is capable of security patrolling, detecting abnormalities and even broadcast messages, all while still effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the building.

The programme matches suitable technology companies to meet its environmental services needs and supports premise owners to adopt feasible technologies, solutions and innovations in their buildings.

The project is conducted in collaboration with Heartbeat@Bedok Community Centre. The facility management team experienced constraints in manpower for both cleaning and security functions. Cleaners had to clean large public spaces by using the robotic hard floor scrubbers, and the security guards had to regularly patrol the premises. Separate deployment of robotics for each of the functions would be costly. Hence, there is a need for the industry to come up with a solution that can automate both cleaning and security surveillance functions concurrently.

A multifunctional robotics solution under the GOVT-PACT initiative was developed, by deploying security features onto cleaning robots, and it was operationalised at the Community Centre. This solution helps to reduce the cost of automation while ensuring the quality of cleaning and security tasks are not compromised.

Under Enterprise Singapore’s Govt Pact programme, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is one of the participating government agencies to work with SMEs/startups to develop and test-bed innovative solutions. Participating companies will go through different stages of product development, from the ideation stage to pilot runs, with the support of NEA.

Future Plans

Through the 2-in-1 Cleaning + Security robot project, the team also realised that the future in Smart Building automation (Smart Cleaning) did not lie solely with the use of robotics, but rather how robotics fit into a building’s ecosystem where fleet management is not only amongst robots but also in co-existence with the human workforce where A.I. decides the best resource (be it human or robot) is sent to tackle the issue at hand.

The Simpple.AI was conceived for this purpose and automatically manages the site's workforce (human + robot) in environmental services, security and maintenance by deeply analysing the data input through IoT Sensors, CCTV cameras and data points collected through human and robot inputs.

The Simpple.AI presents the future of building automation through an Ecosystem of IoT sensors, Robotics and Human Workforce and the team believes this will drive the increased use of robotics as an ecosystem rather than robotics as merely a piece of equipment.

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