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Going Further with Auditing

Updated: Aug 14

Simpple makes it easier and more efficient to maintain the environmental condition of your facility with our Audit system. Facility managers will be able to better monitor and delegate tasks and cleaners will be better notified of their workload in order to ensure the best experience for your visitors.

Simpple comprises of an audit feature purposely designed and built to greatly assist supervisors in conducting audits. Simpple Audits are customised for each site to:

  • Calculate scores based on requirements

  • Date- and time- stamped pictures with annotations

  • Generate reports with geo-locations

  • Capture signatures for immediate accountability

  • Scheduled and joint inspections

  • Task completion acknowledgments

  • Automated task ticketing to internal / external contractors


Sequence of Events:

  1. Supervisors select and inspects the specific job tasks

  2. If re-touch is needed, ticket will be resubmitted to cleaners

  3. Cleaner resubmits task after completion of re-touch up for audit

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