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How SIMPPLE's Output-Based Solutions Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

Updated: Jan 31

Output-based operations are gaining popularity in many facilities management contracts nowadays as the industry focus is shifting to quality over quantity. In the environmental services industry for example, the ruler of a clean location is no longer limited to being calculated by ‘x number of cleans’ in ‘y number of hours’ by ‘z number of cleaners’. Facility managers can now expect more reliable and consistent clean quality with markers looking at public feedback, footfall, ammonia sensors, etc. With the implementation of sensors and feedback systems to aid output-based operations in facilities, there will be greater accountability and see to higher productivity.

SIMPPLE serves to be more than a mere notification system for workers to clock in and out of work and receive tasks. It goes beyond by consolidating all data and information across multiple sources (IoT sensors, audit checks and public feedback) and using the statistics to predict future trends and help facility managers better plan for operations and maintenance. It allows for managers to clearly identify lacking areas for improvements as well as recognise under-utilised resources to reallocate them for increased productivity.

Instead of checking on a facility several times a day even when there is no need to, SIMPPLE can keep track of the condition of the facility and only prompt the worker as necessary, reducing unnecessary trips and freeing up more time for workers to take on higher-value tasks.


For example, Nina is a cleaner who is responsible for the cleanliness of all the toilets in a small school. Instead of doing rounds and checking on the toilets every other hour even when the toilets are perfectly clean, Nina is able to easily check on the status of the toilets with SIMPPLE.

SIMPPLE Assigned Tasks

With the knowledge that the toilets are in good condition, she is able to spend the time on taking on new tasks such as sanitising door handles or sweeping the corridors. Furthermore, data analytics trends will also let Nina know when is the optimal time to clean the toilets in order to further boost productivity and increase visitor satisfaction.


SIMPPLE helps facilities switch to output based solutions in order to attain higher productivity, efficiency and accountability to give visitors the best experience in the facilities. Talk to us today to find out more!


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