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Measuring Productivity: Is Your Software Really Working For YOU?

Updated: Jan 31

The pandemic had driven many of us to digitalise, but now that the normal is coming back, it is time to calm down and ask this question.

Is my software working for ME? Or am I working for the software?

Ask yourself, is the software saving you any time? Is it helping you make better business decisions? Is it making your operations smoother? Is your workforce becoming more productive?

Unfortunately, most softwares on the commercial market right now are dated, isolated and inefficient.

SIMPPLE's all in one customisable dashboard

Why is SIMPPLE the answer?

At SIMPPLE, we address the need to resolve problems inherent to the ES industry by being a unified solution to maximise productivity, upskill workers and analyse data for predictive maintenance.

Forget about using a million and one apps and platforms. SIMPPLE Cockpit aims to give management the ability to monitor their facilities from a single dashboard. FM officers will be able to view the health status of their sites from a single colour coded dash for maximum efficiency and convenience.

If SIMPPLE Cockpit’s indicators are green, managers can be assured that their site is running as it should. When indicators are red, managers may click on the respective components to see the issue in detail in order to best rectify the problem.


Join us on this transformative journey with SIMPPLE. Contact us today to explore how SIMPPLE AI can elevate the standards of your building management. Embrace the power of intelligent automation—your gateway to a smarter, more efficient future.


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