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Workplace Distancing and Contact Tracing

Updated: Aug 14

The pandemic has put pressure on businesses with partial and full lockdown and it will likely persist in the future as we may see frequent small-scale lockdowns as necessary. Hence, to ensure that employees can return to work safely and for daily operations to resume as much as possible, companies will need to implement social distancing measures at workplaces and carry out contact tracing.

It is the responsibility of employers to take care of their workers and their families by ensuring COVID-safe workplaces. This will mean that employers should take safety precautions in maintaining workplace distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

How SIMPPLE can help you

Simpple offers quick-to-implement IoT sensors and workforce management systems to deliver a smart building that reacts quickly in response to the outbreak.

To break the chain of infection, employers will need to ensure social distancing and implement contactless systems to stop the spread of the virus.

Simpple Attendance allows your staff to clock in and clock out with facial recognition, eliminating the need for a physical attendance system which will be both time-consuming and requires frequent sanitization.

Simpple Feedback system allows your visitors to leave their comments on our contactless system by scanning a QR code. The same QR code can be used by cleaners as toilet cards to see visitor complaints, check their tasks and record their work.

We can add more features by incorporating other IoT sensors into the module tailored to your needs and your facility.

Our Solution for a Safer Workplace during Covid-19

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