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SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics

Equipped with top-notch autonomous navigation technology, SIMPPLE PLUS (Robotics) can be deployed in almost any environment. Built for commercial indoor spaces and buildings, these robots aid the workforce with general surface cleaning and surveillance operations.

SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Sweep



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Scrub



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotic Function, Vacuum



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Sanitise



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Degrease



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Surveillance



SIMPPLE PLUS Products, Robotics Function, Delivery



Autonomous Robotics with Cutting-Edge Technology

Embrace innovation where we live, work, and play with robots.

SIMPPLE's full suite of robotics

To Clean 5,000 sqm Daily for 1 Month

SIMPPLE Ecobot Cleaning Statistics

400+ Robots Deployed in Singapore

>30% Cost Savings

>70% Productivity Savings

Enabling Smart Infrastructure Today

Industry-leading Navigation Algorithms

  • Unlimited Mapping & Dynamic Localization
  • 3D Perception with AI
  • Flexible Path Planning
  • Smooth Motion Control
USP Point 1 - Phantas_top.png

Reliable Results Guaranteed

  • Programme Tasks to Run Anytime
  • Detailed Cleaning Report Generated After Every Task
USP Point 2 - Scrubber 50 Pro_FRONT.png

Fully Autonomous Operations

  • Docking Stations
  • IoT Integration
USP Point 3 - S50 Work Station.png

Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Map Editing
  • Remote Control
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Task Scheduling
USP Point 4 - Navigation Mock-Up.png

Capabilities Beyond Expectations

Imagine an autonomous robotic fleet that handles both cleaning and security operations. Robots under SIMPPLE PLUS (Robotics) are able to integrate with lifts, doors, and other facility assets. Robotic data is also made available on SIMPPLE Software.

Robotics 2-in-1 Capabilities


Easy Deployment

Mapping, editing, and task creation can be operated on the robot. Deployment with less than 1 hour at a 3,000 sqm site.


Natural Navigation

Robust performance in various scenarios. Minimal or zero assistance required to position or guide the robots.


Multi-functional Features

Equipped with both cleaning and security functions, these dual purpose robots can add more value to facilities management companies and their operations.

Safety Always Comes First

Designed for security and facilities management, these security robots are equipped with surveillance and advanced vision analytics capabilities powered by SIMPPLE Software. Through the SIMPPLE Ecosystem, security robots can operate autonomously in different environment and navigate accurately using the data provided about its environment.

Security Bots, Halo and Co-lab


Within Sight and Reach

The on-premise camera feed allows security robots to capture an extensive amount of information for comprehensive surveillance and analytics. The system also has spare storage capacity, which can come in handy for emergency situation.


A Speaking Surveillance Robot

The built-in PA System allows personalised pre-recorded audio enhancing customers experience. Pairing with the siren alert function makes the security robot the perfect surveillance partner & an essential security member.


A.I. Video Analytics

Detection of a facility incident will trigger an alert to the corresponding department for immediate action. It typically comes with a visual for the first respondent. Operator may engage in a live chat through 2-way communication.


Facility Integration Capabilities

Security robots can be integrated with old and new lifts, allowing them to operate across multiple levels seamlessly and navigate autonomously. This maximises its mobility for full security & facility management coverage.


Autonomous and Safety

The combination of advanced sensors ensures robots operate automatically. Traveling between speeds of 0.3m/s – 1.5m/s based on the requirements, customisation can be done for both indoor and outdoor environment.

An Even Smarter Security System for Your Facility

Vision analytics greatly enhances security and facility operations. An alert will be automatically sent to the corresponding department for immediate action when triggered during patrol. This ensures the safety of the public.

Smart+ Mock

Unattended Belongings

Unauthorised Personnel and Vehicles Detection

Facial Recognition

Licensed Plate Detection

Open / Closed Door Detection

Your Robot, Your Specs

Security Robot Features

Caters to every need based on the requirements of the facility, our security robots are designed to be modular, enabling convenient maintenance access and add-on options without frills.

A Symbiotic Community

Our technology allows our robots and partner robots to easily adapt to most situations within the commercial sector. With minimal human intervention, the robots will fulfil routine tasks and return back to their charging dock automatically to ready themselves for the next work order.

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