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Simpple is Going Above and Beyond

Updated: Aug 14

With the advancement in IoT connectivity and sensor technology, IFSC is developing Simpple.AI, a “brain” with artificial intelligence capabilities that manages the Simpple Ecosystem. Simpple.AI centres around a pre-set level of standards. When the quality of the site falls below the standard, the system will automatically detect and decide who best to delegate the task to (be it robots or humans) and automatically send out the work order, all while keeping track of performance and completion of both robots and humans. This allows for dynamic self-assessment of quality standards within the building.

By leveraging on deep learning methodologies to analyse a building and trends, we can allocate the RIGHT resource to the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. At the same time, the building is also dynamically monitored for environment audit scores against quality indicators instead of relying on subjective assessment by site managers, increasing not only productivity but more importantly, quality.

Simpple.AI's Core Technology

Simpple.AI’s is able to determine if the site is “dirty” through identifying objects which are beyond the normal quality standard.

Through the constant monitoring of a site through a quality standard using a static camera as well as cameras mounted on roving robots, Simpple.AI is able to identify irregularities, categorise the issue and decide independently to resolve the issue.

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