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SIMPPLE Facility Integration

SIMPPLE Products, Facility Integration

As facilities become smarter and greener, the SIMPPLE Ecosystem enables property owners to make that transition through software integration and hardware multi-functionalities.

SIMPPLE Facility integration icons


Command and Control All-in-One Platform

Innovations, such as new features and functions,  maximise the utility of robots.


Digital Experience and Analytics

Fully Customised Ecosystem with various Plug-ins from Vendors / Partners

SIMPPLE User Interface on Phone

As an open-API platform, SIMPPLE can work with ecosystem partners to visualise useful information to relevant stakeholders and track both asset performance and sustainability KPIs.


Integration Applications

SIMPPLE Plus's Scrubber 50 with lift integration

Connected elevators open a whole new world of possibilities for robot deployments. By adding smart building solutions and services, SIMPPLE elevates your user experience within the facility.


A Smarter Robot with API-enabled Lifts

SIMPPLE's Scrubber 75 in school facility

Complete access control solutions for building and door openings to enable autonomous robot fleet deployment. SIMPPLE empowers the robot to make more intelligent decisions and actions.


Door Access Control Made Easy

SIMPPLE Software Integration

SIMPPLE makes life easier by pulling data from various software systems and visualising critical information in a single dashboard for better and faster decision-making.


One-stop Platform Combining Multiple Software Systems

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