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SIMPPLE Featured on SGTech - Global Future TV Series, Showcasing AI Expertise in Facilities Management

Updated: Apr 11

In a significant milestone for our company, SIMPPLE has been prominently featured on Digital TV as part of the inaugural Global Future TV Series, a collaborative initiative between SGTech and ASN Media. This groundbreaking series highlights 14 pioneering companies, offering insights into the latest trends, success stories, and transformative technologies within the global technology and ICT sector.

The Global Future TV Series serves as a platform to delve into pivotal topics shaping the industry landscape, providing viewers with valuable insights and inspiration. For SIMPPLE, our participation in this esteemed series spotlights our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in the realm of Facilities Management. This underscores our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions in optimizing building operations and efficiency.

One of the key highlights of our feature in the series is the demonstration of our collaborative efforts with partners, showcasing the integration of the SIMPPLE Ecosystem. This collaborative approach underscores our dedication to driving forward-thinking initiatives and leveraging technology to make a positive impact.

Watch the full video of the SGTech Global Future TV Series Episode One on AI - here.

For more info, check out our LinkedIn post.




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