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Mitigating the risk of virus transmission in workplaces with safe distancing technology

Updated: Jan 31

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, businesses have grappled with the challenges posed by partial and full lockdowns, a trend that may persist with the possibility of frequent small-scale restrictions in the future. To facilitate a safe return to work for employees and ensure the resumption of daily operations, companies must proactively implement social distancing measures and robust contact tracing protocols.

The onus falls on employers to prioritize the well-being of their workforce and their families by creating COVID-safe workplaces. This involves the diligent enforcement of safety precautions, particularly in maintaining workplace distancing to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

Addressing these challenges head-on, SIMPPLE offers an array of innovative solutions that leverage IoT sensors and workforce management systems to transform traditional workplaces into smart, responsive environments capable of swiftly adapting to outbreaks.

A cleaner using facial recognition on the SIMPPLE mobile app

How SIMPPLE's workplace distancing solution can help you

SIMPPLE's suite of IoT sensors and workforce management systems can be swiftly implemented to create intelligent buildings that respond effectively to emerging outbreaks. Here's how Simpple can help break the chain of infection:

1. Social Distancing with SIMPPLE Attendance

SIMPPLE Attendance introduces quick and contactless clock-in and clock-out processes using facial recognition technology. This eliminates the need for physical attendance systems, which are not only time-consuming but also require frequent sanitization. By ensuring a seamless and hygienic attendance tracking system, Simpple promotes social distancing among staff.

2. Contactless Communication with SIMPPLE Feedback

SIMPPLE Feedback revolutionizes communication by allowing visitors to provide feedback through a contactless system. Visitors can easily leave comments by scanning a QR code, streamlining the feedback process. Moreover, the same QR code serves as a multi-functional tool for cleaners, who can use it as a toilet card to access visitor complaints, manage tasks, and record their work efficiently.

3. Customized IoT Sensor Integration

SIMPPLE offers the flexibility to enhance its modules by incorporating additional IoT sensors tailored to the unique needs of your facility. This ensures a comprehensive and adaptable solution that evolves with changing requirements, providing a future-proof framework for maintaining a safe work environment.

In conclusion, SIMPPLE's forward-thinking approach to workplace safety goes beyond conventional methods. By embracing innovative technologies, SIMPPLE empowers businesses to create COVID-safe environments, fostering employee well-being and operational continuity in the face of ongoing uncertainties.

Our Solution for a Pandemic-Safe Workplace

SIMPPLE App scanning a QR code on feedback panel

Explore how our forward-thinking solutions, incorporating contactless attendance tracking, feedback systems, and customizable IoT sensor integration, can empower businesses to prioritize employee well-being and ensure seamless operational continuity. Embrace a future-proof framework for a secure return to work with SIMPPLE—discover our innovative approach today. Reach out to us at today!

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