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SIMPPLE AI, the company's proprietary Autonomic Intelligence Engine, leverages computer vision analytics and machine learning to enable autonomous operations while keeping the facility clean, safe, and smart.

Empowering Facility Owners and Contractors to Make Smarter Decisions

Insights from data mean nothing if no action is taken. Based on years of data gathering and learning from various commercial properties, our proprietary A.I. models allow your team to react to situations and unforeseen circumstances faster.

SIMPPLE's 2 in 1 Security Ecobot

Next-Generation Facilities Management Autonomic Intelligence Engine

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Designed to work alongside the SIMPPLE Software, automation of robotic and workforce deployment is made possible through computer vision and artificial intelligence. Incident detection in a facility is now faster. A quicker response can be made to resolve the situation.

Common Applications


Environmental Services

Slip-and-fall accidents can be costly for facility owners. Facility management and cleaning contractors have to react fast to ensure public's safety. With SIMPPLE AI, detection and asset deployment are almost instant.



Security robots are reshaping traditional security operations. The security workforce can now assume more task-intensive and costly security roles. With SIMPPLE AI, a blended IFM workforce can achieve more collectively.


Other Facility Management Workforce

With more partners in the SIMPPLE Ecosystem, the more value we bring to facility owners. Siloed operations across contractors will be a thing of the past. Cross deployment of upskilled workers will enable better facility operations.

Enabling Smart Building Automation

The Environmental Services and Security industry relies heavily on manual labour and primarily employs an aging workforce. With a growing trend amongst building owners implementing task-specific technologies with the use of robots, sensors, and mobile applications, it is still a challenge to manage multiple systems from different service providers.

SIMPPLE's Scrubber 50 in shopping mall
SIMPPLE's Client, NEA Logo
SIMPPLE's Client, Enterprise Singapore
SIMPPLE's Client, CapitaLand
SIMPPLE's Client, NTUC Club

Through SIMPPLE Ecosystem, we help facility owners and service contractors manage their building performance, correlate data across various devices and systems onto a single unified platform and automate workflows by ensuring an efficient workforce and technology deployments.

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