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Automated Building Operations of the Future 

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SIMPPLE Software

The shared workspace that enables collaboration, accountability and transparent reporting.

We deliver an ecosystem solution that combines Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, robotic solutions and an integrated software system operating in unison to position buildings to be future-ready.



Capture a complete picture of user behavior and the quality of experience delivered



Easily align and empower your team to take intelligent action on what matters most



Build trust with customers with leading privacy, security and accessibility

SIMPPLE Ecosystem

Icon of SIMPPLE's Ecosystem

SIMPPLE Partner Ecosystem brings individual strengths from various technologies and integrate them seamlessly into a holistic solution suited on your requirements.

Icon of SIMPPLE Software

SIMPPLE Software

Facilities management-centric workforce and resource management system.

Icon of SIMPPLE PLUS's IoT Sensors


Derive data on facility usage and conditions to optimise operational schedules.

Icon of SIMPPLE's PLUS Robotics


Autonomous robotic solutions catered to the needs of your facilities.

Icon of SIMPPLE's Facility Integration

SIMPPLE Facility Integration

Bringing your facility assets all under one autonomous command system.



Next-generation Autonomic Intelligence Engine that automates robotic and workforce deployment.

We aim to optimise your Operational Performance.

Assist Your Digitalisation Journey

SIMPPLE Software on tablet

Traditional operations rely heavily on trust, pen, and paper. With SIMPPLE, we help you go paperless, saving the Earth and promoting productivity in your operations.

Taking a step forward to go digital, we leverage Big Data to perform data analytics and translate to actionable insights for your firm.

With more data collected, we help you with predictive and preventive analytics to ensure your operations are performing optimally, which can save cost and boost profits.

Align with All Relevant Stakeholders

SIMPPLE's signing ceremony with partners

Through our ecosystem solution suite, we work closely with our business partners to curate custom dashboards and reports fully customised to their work view to make informed decisions.


With real-time updates, we ensure all stakeholders within the built environment ecosystem are equipped with accountable information.

Augment How Buildings, Facilities and The Workforce Should Be Managed

Manager using SIMPPLE Software on tablet

Gone are the days when you had to pay expensive fees just to make changes on the cumbersome Building Management Systems (BMS).


SIMPPLE Ecosystem allows you to easily integrate with other facility assets and software systems to ensure you have multiple data points and visualisations on a single platform.

Our Story

Born to address the needs of the environmental services industry, SIMPPLE was designed and built to maximise productivity, upskill the workforce and analyse data for predictive maintenance.

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