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Industry Insight: Digital Transformation

Updated: Jan 31

More companies, including insurers, are recognizing the imperative of updating their technology. But doing so certainly isn’t easy, and such projects often last longer and cost more than expected. In the following interview, Enrique Laso, executive vice president of information technology at MAPFRE USA, shares why the insurer embarked on a massive technology transformation, how it managed risk, and how it approached change management—ultimately succeeding both in meeting its goals and in bringing people along on the journey.

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Digital Transformation

54% of companies worldwide said they are prioritising digital transformation, but the process of digitalisation is certainly no easy feat. It requires a complete overhaul of the pre-existing framework and operations, and it will be both a costly and timely process.

Furthermore, with COVID-19 forcing everyone to their daily lives online, the world is faced with an unprecedented speed of digitalisation.

Yet, many businesses are still "dragging their feet" and are unwilling to take the plunge and make the change. Be it a concern about the time and costs needed; or just a general fear of change, the environmental services industry is stagnant and constantly left behind.

To stay up to date on and in pace with the industry, it is important that companies start embracing changes and adopting new changes.


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