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Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Wage Model

Updated: Feb 2

A cleaner wiping the glass

Since the start of the pandemic, challenges have continuously plagued the cleaning industry. Cleaners have been brave and helped reopen the country by making sure public areas are clean and safe. They are like frontliners, keeping visitors healthy.

The gross salary for entry-level waste collection workers are to rise to S$3,260 a month by 2028. The base wages of cleaners who are Singaporeans or permanent residents will go up each year over six years under the progressive wage model. How can employers keep up with the rising costs while staying profitable?

The progressive wage model is designed to raise the salaries of lower-wage workers by upgrading their skills and increasing their productivity.

About the Progressive Wage Model

From 2023 to 2028, Singapore will change how it pays cleaning jobs to recognize their importance and worth. Cleaning staff remaining with a firm from 2022 to 2028 could witness a 45% wage hike by the conclusion of the new scheme.

This wage hike is a significant step towards recognizing the hard work and dedication of cleaners. It not only acknowledges their importance in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene but also aims to improve their quality of life. The progressive wage model ensures that low-wage workers are not left behind in the face of rising costs.

Under this new scheme, employers will be encouraged to invest in the skills development of their cleaning staff. By providing training and opportunities for career advancement, employers can enhance the productivity of their workers. This not only benefits the employees by increasing their earning potential but also helps businesses stay competitive in the market. Moreover, the wage hike will not burden employers excessively. The government will provide support through various initiatives, such as grants and subsidies, to help businesses cope with the increased costs. This ensures that employers can maintain profitability while still providing fair wages to their employees.

The implementation of the progressive wage model also sends a positive message to the cleaning industry as a whole. It highlights the importance of their work and the value they bring to society. This recognition can boost the morale of cleaners and motivate them to continue their hard work. In addition to the wage hike, the new scheme also aims to improve the working conditions of cleaners. It emphasizes the need for safe and healthy working environments, ensuring that cleaners are protected from any potential hazards. This not only benefits the workers but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Overall, the progressive wage model is a win-win solution for both employers and low-wage workers in the cleaning industry. It addresses the rising costs while ensuring profitability and recognizes the importance and worth of cleaners. By investing in their skills and well-being, employers can create a more productive and sustainable workforce. This, in turn, leads to a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.

Cleaning companies must be ready for the progressive wage model to ensure their businesses remain financially stable. Companies need to train their employees during this crucial time. This training will enable them to do more valuable work and be more productive. Companies can change by using autonomous cleaning robots in their daily operations.

Boosting Productivity with Output-Based Solutions

Employers can increase productivity by using output-based solutions. This allows them to accomplish more work with the same number of workers. Additionally, it helps employers effectively manage their resources. Furthermore, it enables them to assign an adequate number of people to various projects.


Ready to Transform Your Cleaning Operations?

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